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Odoo - Your professional partner in sales

Explore new ways in sales - with an impressive selection of available apps! Odoo offers sales support in all areas: planning, conceptualization, budgeting, and reporting of your sales activities. Thanks to a modular and flexible design, you can be customized according to your personal requirements - Odoo is your reliable partner for implementing new sales strategies.

Sales quotations

Sales now even more time-saving - with the electronic signature Odoo Sign

Turn your sales success into a snap: with proposal templates and electronic signatures, you can complete your sales in just a few clicks. The electronic signature in Odoo Odoo Sign makes it possible!

Sales options

Maximum sales success

With Odoo's extra options, you can communicate easily and clearly actions, discounts and more - for your effective sales strategy
Communication  in odoo

Effective communication

Tail your offers to your customers. Analyze the buying behavior of your customers in the shop and stay close to the customer via e-mail portal. Create transparency and assign all sales processes to the appropriate customer. Generate e-mail templates for even more efficient communication!
Electronic Signature

Appropriate sales - with electronic signature

Odoo Sign helps you to manage your sales directly online: Your customer can view online offers and confirm his purchase directly with his electronic signature.


Transparency and effectiveness - two important cornerstones for your sales success

Personalized templates for offers and promotions to save time and create Recognition - Features.

Thanks to the offer template, your prospective customer will receive a clearly structured offer from you in the shortest possible time and now has the opportunity to confirm his purchase by electronic signature or to obtain further information on the offer directly from you. In any case, you are immediately informed about the reaction of your customer - and can react accordingly - because professional sales also means the effective use of existing customer potential.

The messaging software is your direct line to your customers and thus another important factor for your sales success, also helps you to always keep the entire history of your communication and your offerings in mind.

Time-consuming, cumbersome communications, fax and e-mails with documents scans belong to in your sales of the past!

Sale offers
Sales order processing in odoo

Automated processes in the order processing - that means more time for your sales activities

Your offer is to order. With just one click you change your offer in an order. Your customer signs online - sales of the new generation.

Contract Management. Based on time or cost of materials you generate invoices, manage contracts, pursue invoice statistics, changes and additional sales. Odoo brings your sales processes to the point.

Independent customer - your time saving. In your Odoo customer portal, customers can view on their own received offers, orders and purchases. Thanks to Odoo Sign your customer can at any time via electronic signature a business online to complete. You will receive a minimum of time signatures on NDA`s, contracts or any other collection PDF document.

Sales success celebrate - with apps for your sales. Simply Odoo.

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Support your sales with a professional website: ODOO supports you with the following characteristics:

  • Innovative content management system (CMS)
  • Powerful website - Easily customizable and personalized
  • All content can be edited directly on the website
  • Included responsive design (for phones and tablets)
  • easily create of multilingual websites
  • designer-friendly templates
  • flowing grid layout
  • professional designs (themes)

You can enjoy a wide range of visitors - thanks to Google optimization.

The CMS version 9 of Odoo offers you even more processing comfort.

Integrated e-commerce solution

The sales turbo - A strong  online shop

  • Open source e-commerce
  • Create graphic product pages
  • increase income per order
  • Google Analytics integration
  • open up new markets
  • create own catalogues
  • acquire new customers
  • Social Media Support
  • Reseller Network
  • clear sales process
  • also possible: interfaces to shop solutions (eg Magento), Direct connection to website (Joomla!)


Communication - a prerequisite for successful sales strategies! Stay present - for even greater sales success.

  • Open source blogging plattform
  • professional translations
  • Tweet and comment
  • Google Analytics integration
  • SEO optimized blog entries
  • user management and rights


Optimize your sales success - thanks to fully integrated customer relationship management (CRM)

  • Lead Generation and Management
  • sales planning
  • Integration Social Networks
  • E-Mail-Integration
  • Meetings and common agenda
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Dashboard with analysis


Professional deals with just a few clicks.

  • send quotes online
  • Electronic Signatures


The POS-solution for trade.

  • User-friendly POS solution
  • No additional costs for
    upgrading of hardware
  • Online and Offline
  • Built warehouse inventory management


So marketing is a pleasure: with the internal mail system for your whole conversation in sales

  • Marketing email campaigns
  • Personal emails
  • E-mail templates
  • Increasing the conversion rate
  • Lead Database
  • Chat-Tool
  • Campaign dashboard
  • Integration website forms (Lead Database)
  • Integration CRM

Live Chat

Chat in real time with customers and website visitors - makes it all possible Odoo
  • Real-time chat
  • Pop-up chat window


Test the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns - with online surveys - quickly and easily.

  • Open source online, no loss of information
  • Real-time results and charts
  • direct insight into your sales
  • user friendly interface

Lead Automation

Multiply sales success - with the help of leads. Thanks to ODOO module "automated lead generation" a breeze.

  • create your own email marketing campaigns

  • campaign Statistics


Manage your sales - Events and automate applications.

  • Event registrations
  • E-Mail-Integration
  • Automatic receipts

Revolutionize your sales with Odoo

Measure the result to your sales success

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Take advantage of your company, the numerous possibilities of ODOO. We are happy to advise you personally and discuss the individual requirements for your business. For more information about ODOO and IT IS AG, you will get here.

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